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Music player which looks a lot like my 5th generation iPod Video

Brick for Android Wear

Kill some time by playing brick on your watch

Digital Doily

Create your own unique circular artwork on android

The Life of Pablo Album Cover Generator

Generate your own version of Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo album cover

Proximity Camera

Record short videos by holding the phone to your chest

Tumblr for Muzei

Show photos from your favourite tumblr blogs as your wallpaper.

Color Drop

Catch the dropping balls by matching the colour


Third party client for the Vine video sharing service


Application for the question and answer social network, Formspring

Trap Detector

Let Admiral Ackbar inform you whether or not “It’s a Trap!”

Text Shortener

Cut down text for an SMS message or tweet


Fully featured Tumblr application

Drinking Games

Over 50 drinking games to play with your friends

View Web Source

View the source of a webpage on your phone