Identifying Android Build Types

Customizing your app launcher name and icon to differentiate between build variants

Android Oreo: Picture In Picture Mode

Introduction to Android Oreo's Picture In Picture mode and how to include it in your app.

How to record your Android device

Using Android’s MediaProjection and MediaRecorder to record the screen and save it to disk

Jira & Bitrise: Updating Tickets with New Builds

How to get Bitrise to post a comment in a Jira ticket when a build has completed.


TechCrunch - Mar 31, 2011

myYearbook Bets Big On Android With Acquisition Of Springdroid.

The Verge - Jan 13, 2023

Retropod was mentioned in an article about Apple removing apps that imitate iPods.

.net Magazine - Issue #203

View Web Source featured in .net magazine’s top 20 mobile applications for web devs.

LG Optimus

Tumblroid was featured in a French advertising campaign for the LG Optimus GT540

Android Police - Feb 13, 2014

Tumblr for Muzei was included in a list of extensions for the Muzei wallpaper app

The University of Nottingham - Oct 24, 2012

My graduate profile was used as promotional material for students looking to study Computer Science.